Welcome to Vysera Biomedical

Vysera Biomedical Limited develops medical device solutions enabled by its unique patented biomaterial to solve unmet clinical needs. These solutions are developed and commercialized in collaboration with strategic partners incorporating larger multinational sales organisations. Vysera has worldwide patents granted on its core materials technology as well as multiple patents on its devices.

Vysera has a history of strategic partnerships. Vysera’s first product, an esophageal stent valve for the palliative treatment of esophageal cancer is licensed to Merit Medical Systems and was developed in collaboration with their new product development organization. This product is currently being marketed directly by MMSI, and represents the first commercialization of Vysera’s technology.

Using the same core technology Vysera is developing a device to treat stress urinary incontinence in collaboration with a strategic partner. The Company recently completed a feasibility study on this technology at the Bristol Urological Institute for a first generation catheter based device. The company is now developing the next phase of this project.

Vysera also has the second generation of its Endoscopic Obesity Device in pre clinical studies. The Obesity Device is an endoscopically delivered biomimetic valve in combination with a sleeve. This device provides a reversible less invasive approach than surgery and ultimately does not alter the anatomy of patients.